The Necessity Of Good Digestion Of Food

All our elders might have always asked you to eat nutrient-rich food because that is what makes you healthy. Though they are right, we can make a small change in the sentence to make the meaning clearer. Your health depends on what your body absorbs or digests. Even though consumption of nutrient-rich food is necessary, you also have to ensure that the food gets digested properly so that your body absorbs all the necessary nutrients. Here is where products like Digestive Enzyme Freedom Plus helps you. It helps to ensure that the body digests food properly and initiate proper bowel movements. Some types of food can be eaten raw. You get the right nutrition only when some foods like vegetables or fruits are eaten raw. You can even get amazing raw food recipes at

Need For Proper Digestion
Even if you give importance to the intake of nutrient-rich food and devote your effort, money and time for it; you still can’t ensure that all the nutrient-rich food is properly absorbed in your body. This makes your body vulnerable and prone to health issues as all the nutrients are passed out of the body in the form of stools or urine. The fact is that people who have digestive issues often fail to recognize it and believe that all the nutrients they intake are absorbed well by their body. Hence, it is high time you had a reality check on your body’s food absorption patterns.

Symptoms Of Digestive Issues
Some of the clear symptoms of digestive problems are feeling of fatigue on a frequent basis, belching or bloating after having meals, asthma, dry or itchy skin, ADD, migraines, frequent allergies, brain fog, etc. If you notice any of the above symptoms chances are more that you are suffering from digestive issues.

Get To Know About Digestive Dysfunction
Your digestive system mainly consists of two components. They are mechanical and chemical components. Mechanical component is known as peristalsis. It acts in pushing down the food particles that leaves the mouth through the gastrointestinal tract. This causes the food to enter the esophagus. The second part, chemical component, comprises of gastric juices and digestive enzymes. These are produced by the pancreas, stomach, mouth, small intestine, and liver.

The digestive dysfunction often begins in the chemical component. The chemical component starts to dysfunction due to any deficiency in the enzyme or due to imbalance of the bacteria in the gut. Such issues often crop up due to severe stress issues, endocrine issues, metabolic imbalance and improper diet. It can also be caused by the usage of certain drugs or maybe just due to the natural aging process.

When the acid present in our stomachs, hydrochloric acid(HCl) reduces, or when the enzymes like protease start inhibiting the body’s ability in breaking down the proteins; it starts creating digestive issues. It can often lead to the deprivation of lean muscle tissues, imbalance of brain chemistry, lower immunity, allergies to food, etc. In some cases, it can even cause serious ailments like heart diseases or metabolic issues like diabetes.