Some Prominent Torrent Sites That You Can Consider


Torrenting is one of the most efficient ways of downloading music videos, movies, games, or any geo-restricted TV series. In recent times torrent has become so prominent because it allows users to download any file for free. All you need is a computer or a laptop with an internet connection in it. If you happen to use torrent for downloading files, then you must opt for a VPN to ensure online security. The most popular torrent sites are The Pirate Bay, Zooqle,, and Lime Torrent. You can read the Full List Here and understand the importance of VPNs when torrenting by searching online.

Is it legalized?
Torrents allow you to download and share all kinds of files. You can share movies, applications, or video files across the world with the help of different torrent sites. If you have not yet started using torrent to download files, then some questions may arise in your mind. Whether torrenting is safe, or illegal, this article will provide you every necessary piece of information that you will need to know.

Difference between downloading and torrenting
When you download content on your device, you start by clicking the download button. Your computer then links its server to the chosen file and saves it in the device’s memory. Thus, when downloading a file, you are keeping it from a particular server. However, the process of torrenting is different from downloading.

What do you mean by torrent files?
A torrent is a file that contains a collection of data that offers information about other data from other devices. Torrent sites to do not provide a specific folder instead helps you to find machines that are sharing the required contents. Torrent sites do not let you download files from a single server. Torrents divide a large file into several smaller files. In such circumstances, the software of your device connects to other computers based on peer-to-peer networks of sharing data. The torrent software allows you to save small files from other computers by the P2P principle.

Reliable torrent sites
The Pirate Bay is one of the favorite Bit Torrent sites which are very user-friendly. The process of sharing small files by this torrent downloads is categorized into two part, which is leeching and seeding. Leeching is the process of copying various types of audio or video content. But, at times the term is also used negatively for users who after downloading a file, do not help other leechers to complete the method.

Most torrent software does not allow the downloader to stop the upload limit entirely. The minimum speed for uploading files on uTorrent is 5 kb/sec. but it is not the same for the Zooqle site. You can download all your favorite shows telecasted in other countries with the help of this excellent torrent site. However, every torrent users should believe in sharing the downloaded files back to other users to help them find and download the relevant content. Zooqle also features an excellent search bar which will help you find any content that your desire. Its fantastic interface offers delight to the user.

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